What Is Digital Marketing ? Explain Digital Marketing ? Define Digital Marketing

Updated: May 19, 2020

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing or online marketing refers to a technique of increasing visibility of your products or services to your consumers in the form of digital media on different digital platforms or through different digital channels like website, Social media, Emails, social media, mobile marketing and many more. Digital marketing helps marketer to reach out to their specific or ideal customers. As we know that the world is turning into Digital world, so it is important for a business to be present on digital platforms and digital devices. So Digital is not only beneficial but important also. Digital marketing has no limitations or boundations, you don’t need big budget for digital marketing. In camparison to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing is more effective and gives high ROI .

Why digital marketing is Important?

Because everyone is on Internet now, nobody wants to go out to shop or in search of any service. Internet is the new Home, nobody wants to leave it. So, Digital marketing is the only way to create awareness about your product or services, you are providing or selling online. Marketing is an important aspect for a company to grow their sale, and if you have online shop or e-commerce then you must go for Digital marketing because it is the only option of marketing you have, When buyer and seller are dealing online they why go for traditional marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing ?

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing include 10 ways and types of marketing.

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

2- Blogging

3- Pay Per Click Advertising

4- Social Media Optimization (SMO)

5- Social Media Marketing (SMM)

6- Affiliate Marketing

7- Content Marketing

8- Email Marketing

9- Influencer Marketing

10- Mobile Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1- Easy to collect data to make strategies and ways to reach out your ideal customers

2- Easy to target your specific customer

3- Easy to track and analyse lead generation and campaigns.

4- Gives you both Paid and Free ways to promote your product.

5- Cost effective as compared to traditional marketing

6- Increase user engagement.

7- Easy to track your competitors and helps in overtaking your competitors.

8- Real time results

9- High conversion Rate

10- Have No Boundaries.

Digital marketing VS Traditional marketing

There are many differences in digital marketing and traditional marketing, which proves Digital Marketing is far better than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing

1- Easy to target your Specific consumer

2- Its easy to track and analyse your campaigns and data.

3- Cost effective.

4- Required low man power

5- Instant and real time results

6- Open system

7- ROI is Higher

8- Works 24x7

9- You can make changes in the advertisement anytime.

Traditional marketing

1 – Tough to select your ideal consumers.

2- Impossible to track and analyse campaigns

3- Required high budget

4- Required high man power

5- Time taking process

6- Closed system

7 – ROI will be low or not up to the expectations

8 – Works for limited hours a day


1- Introduction To Digital Marketing

2- Web Design And Blog

3- Alogrithms

4- SEO

5- Keyword Reasearch

6- Competitor analysis

7- Directory Submission And Link Building

8- SMO

9- SMM

10- Google Adwords

11- PPC

12- E-mail Marketing

13- Moblie Marketing

14- Content Marketing

15- Affiliate Marketing

16- Google Analytics

17- Google Webmaster And Search Console

18- Yahoo And Bing Marketing

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